iPhone App

What is iAutoApp?

iAutoApp has been developed for the vehicle automotive market to efficiently add photos of stock to your retailer website. Take up to 8 photos and upload them via Wi-Fi®, 3G, EDGE or GPRS connections.

Although this app has been developed for 21st Century Internet customers, arrangements can be made with other automotive website companies.

Once the app has been configured with the FTP details of your retailer website and image naming conventions in the Settings area of the iPhone™, you can open iAutoApp and start taking photos of the vehicle. Once you have finished taking the photos, simply enter the registration or stock number of the vehicle and tap on the upload button. Alternatively you can select images you've already taken from your photo library and upload those.
(FTP details and image naming conventions will need to be supplied by your website provider.)

If you have overlays enabled, these will help you to line up your shots and keep your stock images consistent.

Before purchasing iAutoApp please ask your website provider to contact us to confirm compatibility between systems.