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iAutoApp Settings Guide

iAutoApp's settings

On your iPhone find the iPhone Settings "Settings" app and scroll down until you see the iAutoApp option.

Automatic Settings
iAutoApp's settings

You can input or change the automatic downloader settings.
Any changes will take effect the next time you start the app.

You should also erase the contents of both if you wish to control the server or photo settings manually.

FTP Settings

For the app to work it needs to establish a connection between your iPhone and your website. To do this it needs the FTP details supplied to you by your developer or hosting company.

iAutoApp's settings

You will now be presented with a settings panel that should look like the example on the right. This is where you need to enter the FTP details.
Host: ftp.yourwebsite.com
Username: joescars
Password: hotwheels

You may also need to specify the directory where you want iAutoApp to upload the files.
Directory: /public_html/photos/
(this can safely be left blank if your developer/hosting company tells you to)

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